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Day 3: Icaraizinho to Ilha de Guajiru

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Today the ride was planned from Icairazinho to Ilha de Guajiru with a planned distance to kitesurf of 35 kilometers, after sunset it came clear that it was 73 kilometers we surfed because the spots we passed by were so amazing.

During the morning briefing the kitesurf guide showed us the route with the planning, after the start we would enter a great reef were we were kitesurfing with windmills in the background, such an amazing spot


The buggy and jetski were our backup because the 4 by 4 could not go on the ferry by the river crossing. The place were the river came in to the sea was amazing and we were kitesurfing in a dream mood. On forehand we made the great plan to sail in formation which was very exciting, the drone could make amazing pictures with nice results.

We had a very good lunch stop and the wind was getting stronger time to get ready for the last part of the afternoon which appeared to be the most beautiful. The lagoon for Ilha the Guajiuru


End of this lagoon we were kitesurfing back to sea for the last waves for today’s session.

Then finally entering the lagoon of Ilha de Guajiru todys end station.

We had some more formation surfing but all the kiters were quite tired and had in mind that tomorrow will be a long distance day to Jeri of above +100KM.

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1 Comment

Aug 28, 2019

Well done every one!!

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