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organised by Kite Active

Kite Team Van Oord team member Jan Willem Markvoort joined in the first weekend of October 2022 the TVTAS downwinder, which was for the first time this year organized by Kite Active. A downwinder starting in Den Helder and passing each of the dutch wadden islands. Read more in the blog.

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Hoek tot Helder 2022

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Hoek tot Helder 2019

28 September 2019

Read all about the adventures Kite Team Van Oord encountered during the third edition of Hoek tot Helder on our Blog:

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Ride Strong Downwinder Fortaleza to Sao Luis

August 24 to September 8 2019

Brazil is a magnificent country with unprecedented opportunities for wind energy. On land, the wind powers a growing number of wind turbines, increasing the share of renewables in the country’s total energy output. On the water, the wind powered the six members of Van Oord’s kite-surfing team. Their 800-kilometre-long journey along the spectacular Brazilian coastline took them from Fortaleza to São Luís.  Read more about it in the Van Oord online Magazine

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Videoshoot Zandmotor

November 2017

With 4 colleagues sharing the passing for kitesurfing on one of the former Van Oord projects, the Zandmotor. Shots of this session are widely used in internal and external communications by the Van Oord communication department.

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Hoek tot Helder 2017

19 August 2017

What started in Hoek van Holland at 5:30 in the morning with pumping up the kites in the dark while the rain was pouring down from the sky, ended at the end of the day after 130 km of kiting with a medal around the neck Den Helder.

Past Events: News & Updates
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