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Day 2: Downwind adventura Guajiru - Icaraizinho

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Today we have a guest writer: our rescue hero at the jetski Gael:

"Today was the day of 90 kilometer downwind trip from Guajiru to Icaraizinho.

The group was ready before the Brazilian staff. Of course Dutch accuracy makes the difference.

The group started off with a strong but gusty wind. Every day the group is getting better even if some problems happened today

We stopped for lunch on the beach of the whale, ate fried fish, manioc and baião

The group returned to the water despite having a full and heavy belly

The group feels safe because of the support 100% of the time, the cars make 70% of the support and the rest is done by the jetski at specific risky areas and where the cars cannot enter the beach to support.

Everyone arrived well and full of joy in icarai where everyone is already trying the caipirinhas made in brazillll

Tomorrow is another day, stay connected with us"

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