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Day 5: Jericoacoara to Camocim

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

BBQ Picanha near the beach in Jeri, something we can all recommend! After the diner, great night and a good sleep everybody was ready for the next day! Today a small but exciting trip was planned with a distance of around 60 km. because the stretch was a bit less than the previous days the first decision was easily made. Let’s give the body some rest, wait till midday and leave when the wind is strongest!

Most of the team enjoyed the morning strolling through the small streets of Jeri, looking for some souvenirs and some well needed band aids for all the small cuts and bruises.


Strange enough Jeri is not only a mecca for kite surfers but also for some old school windsurfers! As they were here first they have right of way on the water.

With the gear packed, beach buggy and jetski fixed again and a solid 35 knts blowing down the beach dunes of Jeri, it was time to unpack the small kites! With more wind to come it was going to be an exciting day!

Starting exactly at the same point as the finish line yesterday we set of with a new guide for the day: Jan Willem. Iron Macho needed a rest today and Jan Willem knows this area on the back of his hand.

Guide of the day

Surrounded by several other kitesurfers and accompanied by their buggies on the beach we left Jeri racing along the beach. The first stretch was pretty cool as the sand banks produced a constant flow of 1m waves to procude endless high speed carved turns and some pretty good top turns, “throwing buckets” across the ocean.

When the beach finished we had to cross a small lagoon where the jeeps cross on top of a small “ferry” followed by a section along some amazing mangroves.

During the briefing we were told we may have to walk to the lunch spot as the tide might be low. Once we arrived it turned out the tide was already with us and we could easily ride all the way to the pirates hut were we would be treated to an amazing display of skill, energy and power by the local hero. This lunch spot was so nice we could have stayed here forever. But as the time crept closer to 16:00 is was time to set off again for the remainder of todays “rest day”.

The tide was high, the wind was howling and the sun was already low on the horizon: a pretty amazing view of the delta as we crossed the river mouth. At this section we had to take some precautions as the wind was not guaranteed to be strong enough near the shore and the waves caused by the river and ocean making full contact could be very high and choppy. For this reason Iron Macho took the lead again and guided us across the bay towards Camocin. With the sun already starting to set we walked straight of the beach into the posada, took a shower, washed the boards and jumped in the pool. Followed by a beer and a snack. Now we were ready to check in!

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